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"In the best traditions of bands producing well-structured pop / rock songs comes the Canadian four
piece, SHOOTING RUBYS. MOOD SWINGS AND CRAVINGS"...pop / melodic guitar tunes with catchy uplifting lyrics and vocal harmonies"
PHASE 9 - London, England 
Rating: Oi ! Not too shabby, mate!
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"Mood Swings And Cravings" Opening track "Even If", complete with its' Nirvana bassline and anthemic chorus, is a real storming start. Elsewhere, the bright strumming pop of "Dream Like You" and last track "Well Weathered" stand out and there's also the occasional twang here and there. It's all catchy as hell, chock full of excellent tunes and harmonies. Highly recommended.
Americana-UK June 2002
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" Voilà une intéressante collection d'enregistrements démos de la part de ce quatuor de Montréal avec, de surcroît, une qualité d'enregistrement de beaucoup supérieure à ce qu'on peut s'attendre lorsque le mot "démo" est prononcé ! Ce band illustre bien l'atout montréalais : il est composé de deux anglophones et deux francophones, le chanteur principal Pat Dubé chantant en anglais sans accent, rassurez-vous. Leur musique se veut un rock assez simple, assez commercial, basé sur quelques couches de guitares qui rappellent tant 54.40 ("Even if") que Blue Rodeo ("Perfect Mood") sans trop tomber dans le country. On y sent les racines folk de Dubé, tout en reconnaissant ce son canadien. Les gars ont aussi le mérite d'avoir tout enregistré eux-mêmes, et ma foi, l'un d'eux doit avoir suivi une formation de technique du son, vu le degré de professionnalisme de "Mood swings & cravings". " 

Nicolas Pelletier - Emoragei Magazine Jan. 2005
"Shooting Rubys has a distinctive sound bolstered by solid melodies and harmonies, creative guitar work and a steady rhythm section. Standout songs seem to be the ones effectively capturing a mood, from the melancholy "Never Come Around" to the ironically upbeat "Dream Like You". Fans of catchy guitar rock will not be disappointed."
Steve Donnelly - TuneVault, Ottawa
"Even If by the Shooting Rubys..." "...This is a raw rock track by the Rubys...theres a nice structure,
a good chorus and it has sort of a surprise ending".
  Jerry Harrison - Talking Heads
(Real.Com Music News Feature)
"This Canadian band is more than just proficient with their rootsy, 12 string jangle and full bolstered vocal harmonies, they put together a winning and credible formula of classic (but competent) Replacements,
Blue Rodeo (a lot!), some early REM, The Windbreakers, Wilco and Ryan Adams. Just consistently excellent songwriting and rootsy charm overflow and hint a band who must rock live."... "Oodles
of heartfelt and warmly earnest vocals shine inside all the jangle 'n strum, making this a Very Highly Recommended fix for fans of rootsy jangle pop! "
Not Lame - Fort Collins, Colorado
Peppy,well-played, hook-filled (lots and lots!), powerful and rootsy at times, guitar-driven indie garage janglepop (whew!) by a band with lots of promise from North of the border! 
Ray Gianchetti - Kool Kat Musik, Sewel, New Jersey
"it's pure music. Nightsounds concurs. The rock cuts are laden with zippy melodies and grooving guitar and drum work, and yet, the disk has a laidback, just chillin' vibe".
Sarah Crosbie - Kingston Whig-Standard
"This is a solid independent release from a solid Montreal based band. A lot of acoustic guitar was used on the album so its not too heavy but the songs moved so its not too light. Pardon the mental image but think Bare Naked Ladies with balls. A consistent listen but one that varies enough to keep the listener interested. My personal favourite is the lead off track, "Even If" probably because it has that alternative edge. The band is tight and the production is impressive"
Sea Hen - Canadian-Music
www.canadian-music.com  Rating: Oi ! Not too shabby, mate!
" I'll give credit where credit is due - Mood Swings and Cravings is a catchy album..." 
"... a relatively successful pop album that's loaded with hooks and pleasant melodies. Not only that, as
this is largely a collection of demo material, it shows a lot of promise for the Rubys' future. In fact, they come off as being much more polished than most bands in their situation, and it will be most interesting to see how their sophomore release turns out. "
Matt Shimmer - IndieVille, Toronto
"Québec's Shooting Rubys are highly reminiscent of the now-defunct Odds, with their melodic alt-rock, and Mood Swings and Cravings sounds like a professional studio effort, even though the collection of demo tracks were recorded in various "bedrooms and living rooms." The vocal harmonies are raw and well-suited for the sound that the Rubys are obviously striving for."
RECOMMENDED TRACKS: "Even If", "Well Weathered", "Never Come Around" 
Carla Putnam, CJSR Radio, Edmonton, AB
Reviewed for !EarShot www.earshot-online.com
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Live Show Review of Oct. 2nd 2002 Gert's (McGill University, Montreal)
"Shooting Rubys took the stage. Instantly, their power pop style was apparent: strong back beat, solid rhythm guitar work and stereotypical anti-establishment, angst-fuelled lyrics."

"Well-crafted songs with concise melodies are not easy to make, and Shooting Rubys have released a CD full of them." 

Scott Medvin - Tribune (McGill University) Montreal
Montreal's Shooting Rubys have a big, brash sound but, regrettably, have been keeping a low profile...that is until recently. In the last few weeks, memorable shows with Aussie band, The Waifs,
and local stalwarts, Fidget, coupled with the recent release of a new CD, "Mood Swings and Cravings",  brings the band back into the local music spotlight.

Veterans of several Montreal area groups, including The Griffins and Glue, the Rubys particular blend of music runs the gamut from straight-ahead power pop to folksy rock to introspective alt-country gems. Amongst several stand-out tracks on their new CD, "Even If" and "Perfect Mood" bear witness to the Rubys ability to craft a catchy, hook laden rock tune while "Never Come Around" is as lilting and
bittersweet an alt-country dirge as you're ever likely to hear. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the Shooting Rubys...although poised for bigger and better things, these local boys will no doubt be gracing Montreal clubs all summer long - catch them while you can!

   David St-Pierre - OrcaSound, Montreal
"These passionate pickers bring a lot of experience to the table and play a confident set that ranges from your Replacements-style rockers to dirt-heeled, country-flavoured kickers."
Jamie O'Meara - Hour Magazine, Montreal
" I think what makes Shooting Rubys stand out is not the Barenaked Ladies melodies or the intelligence of their lyrics, but the subtle hues of instrumentation " 
Soulshine Magazine, Toronto
" The blending of the more straight forward modern rock vocals with the at times alt-country music is very catchy, especially on "Bad Days" and "Well Weathered". The rest of the disc is a mixture of modern rock and alt-country tracks. It has an almost 50/50 mixture of the two styles, with the two combining on several tracks. The alt-country tracks were dead-on! Out of Touch" returns to the fuzzy guitar sound of the intro track, with pounding bass and swift drums added for extra listening pleasure. I pressed repeat on this song quite a few times... " From there the music takes a left turn into an alt-country, country/rock sound, somewhere between Wilco, the Old 97's and the Refreshments. At the same time, lead vocalist Pat Dube's voice reminds me a bit of the lead singer of Eve 6. The blending of the more straight forward modern rock vocals with the at times alt-country music is very catchy, especially on "Bad Days" and "Well Weathered".

"...Never Come Around" sounds a bit like a Paul Westerberg tune, with more tuneful and pleasant vocals. This was, and will continue to be, a nice country/rock listen. 

South of Mainstream Magazine, Toronto
"SUGGESTED LISTENING: Power pop ranging to thinking-man's rock are the watchwords here"...
"Montreal's Shooting Ruby's are keeping busy of late, pushing the newly released CD Mood Swings and Cravings - rootsy rock with a good heart"
   T'Cha Dunlevy - The Gazette, Montreal
Click here   to hear the October 2001 CHOM interview with Too Tall.
  CHOM 97.7 FM, Montreal
"Every song sounds fantastic. It's fresh, clear, with nice tunes, good playing....love it !" 
                              Dragan Stajic - 106,8 FM Zrenjanin Yugoslavia
"this is a first; I can't compare it to any other artist to whom I have listened."
"I very much like the energy of Shooting Rubys"
Lisa-Marie Serafin - Songwriters' Circle,
CJUM, UMFM 101.5, Winnipeg, MB
A couple of single tunes that stand out include:
"Dream Like You" by the Shooting Rubys (on their Mood Swings And Cravings disc). Sure sounds like a vintage jangly Posies track to me! 
Eric Sorensen - Fufkin
Fort Lauderdale, FL
"Of all the great places to go for live music and original bands in Kingston, we had to be playing the one that was closing down," said Pat Dube, the band's lead singer.
"No one even called to tell us."Though the band didn't get a gig out of the trip to the city, Dube says one of the highlights of the canceled concert is the free adver- tising they've been getting - 10 days after their no-go show, the band's name is still on the marquee.
"I guess we've been having a CD release party each and every night," he said with
a laugh. "I suppose it will be there until a new owner takes over. Maybe it will be there for years."
Because the band didn't get to perform that night, the musicians checked out some venues for another show - probably next month. Kingston didn't leave a sour taste in our mouths at all. We were actually over- whelmed by the friendly people and great bars in the city." he said.
Whig-Standard, Kingston, ON
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Live show review, Montreal Aug. 2002 at Le Swimming
" in stark contrast to the quaint laidback folksiness of their opening band, the Rubys stormed the stage, raised the volume a few notches, and proceeded to blow the roof off of the place.  Showcasing several new tunes, including the rollicking opener, "Wish You Well",as well as perennial faves like "Even If" and "Dream Like You", the band played with a sense of urgency, not only winning over the crowd, but also drawing people from the ongoing street fest below - no small feat on a beautiful summer's night."
David St-Pierre - OrcaSound, Montreal

 .BY ERICA SZÜCS - The Chronicle, Wednesday, August 29th 2001
"If you listen to all of our tracks maybe a couple of songs will sound in the same vein," said singer-guitarist Pat Dubé. "I find a huge variety of dynamics within the songs themselves and from one song to another. It's really noticeable when we play live."
That, in fact, is their point. They're not trying to tailor to a specific genre but instead, they play what feels right.
From lyrics to music, the four members approach song writing as a collaborative effort. In that respect, they work as a real band, said drummer/guitarist Patrick Gervais. “Everyone contributes in many ways. There's not just one front-man and I think that's our strength," he said.
Even though song writing can be a very personal expression, with all the input going into their creation, egos rarely collide. 
"There's beauty in being able to bend to a certain point where you're not compromising what you like,"Dubé said. "Taking offense to criticism wouldn't help my songs get any better, and luckily, the guys share similar easygoing attitudes."
Along with guitarist/bassist Kirk Calderon, the band has been together for about two years.  Bassist Craig Garbos came on board a few months ago after answering a newspaper ad.
.Photo: Chronicle, Peter McCabe.
.Shooting Rubys are Kirk Calderon (from left)
.Craig Garbos (back left), Pat Gervais (right front)
.and Pat Dubé (right back)
The group originally formed when Dubé got in touch with Gervais to work on a recording project. What started as a six-song collaboration has since reached almost 50 tunes - and they're still recording. The band keeps the experience very hands-on, doing the tracking and engineering themselves.

As they progress, they say the recording quality is improving. Following the demos now in circulation the band is getting ready to launch their first marketable CD. The album, title Mood swings and cravings holds a reference to child-birth because producing the self-funded recording took a lot of effort and energy. The CD will be available early next month. Even though the members have yet to quit their day jobs, they have reason to be proud of their success. The group has their own web site that's managed to attract people from around the world. They've shipped demos to Singapore, Asia and the United States. They also try to include themselves on other music- related Web sites and as a result, one of their songs, Even If, can be heard on an Arizona television commercial.

The track also caught the attention of Talking Heads member Jerry Harrison, who made a flattering comment on one of the sites.   Despite the fact that one of their first live shows the sound was so bad that, "it was like playing in an empty pool," Gervais said, the group managed to recover and move on.

 As for the Shooting Rubys' name, one day Dubé was photographing a ring for some cover art when Gervais called him up. It happened to be a ruby ring, so when Dubé told Gervais what he was up to--the Shooting Rubys name stuck.  For more information about their upcoming CD as well as a bunch of their tunes can be found on the World Wide Web at www.shootingrubys.com

 Montreal Fringe Fest 2001

"Very contemporary, and yet strong enough to be a contender with
music of any time period...very nice vocals and music."
hOtbOx - South Vienna, Ohio 
"I have a gigantic boner!"   lnWatts - Portland, Oregon

...no frills, just straight, feel-good rock. As straightforward as this music is, it strikes a happy chord in me and I wonder why there aren't more bands like this.
Muppet Hunt - Los Angeles, California 

  "History Doesn't Repeat - It Gets Better God bless post-modernism
- just when you think that everything that can be done with your basic
guitars-bass-drums combo has been done, someone can come along
and prove you wrong... reminded me of Nirvana, REM, 70's punk and
power pop, all thrown into a blender for a refreshing cocktail."
Heaven - Massillon, Ohio 
"The guy sings with a real voice - I can't find anything to criticize!"

WillX - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Elvis Costello and Dylan's Love Child"
BlackIrish - Boston, Massachusetts

"Cool guitar pop with good singing. The vocals remind me
of Firetown singer Doug Erikson (now of Garbage) very
similar indeed! They sound like they would be cool to see live"
Mesa, Arizona

"Nice vocals, fine musicianship, good production,
song structure and lyrics."
RadMass - Nashville, Tennessee 

Great Voice. I really dig the moody vocals... production taint bad neither. 
Yap - Monterey, California

"If you think you've heard the best check this out It was good
from the start. Good clean vocals (actually a good singer) and the
musicians sounded very together. Overall one of the best songs
I've heard yet... Even If"
Elkhorn, Nebraska

"Good alterna-pop. Good songwriting and performance... shows a nice
range of dynamic and emotion, and kept me interested to the very end."
ALED - Montreal, Canada

"Sings like Bob Dylan. I really think modern music needs another Bob."

"Sign these guys up. Now. How many words for good are there? Great,
awesome, fantastic, rockin'. I could go on and on. But I don't
need to, this doesn't need a review for people to recognize how good it is."
Brothercali - N. Scituate, Rhode Island

"Here's the deal, i dont really listen to this kinda music, but i really
thought it was pretty damn good, lyrics are awesome"
Meshuggahsphere - Boca Raton, Florida

"Great melody which will be in my head for days now, the musicians are
all playing within context - no wanking!! YAY!! Excellent job!"
Knucklehead - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"Best Song on Garageband... hands down baby... yeah....
rocking! Don't change it! It was like U2 and the Goo Goo Dolls
combined!!!!  SWEEEEEEET!!!! This should SO be #1!!!" 
AZKtown - Kayenta, Arizona

"They have a fresh sound i almost forgot it wasnt the radio...they are really talented"
ALTAR_EGO - Panama City Beach, Florida

"I've seen the future of Alternative"   Beau - San Francisco, California 

"band is great and the tune too! The melody sticks on your mind and it
should be playing in every good radio around the world."
Ace - Seattle, Washington

"Nicely written and performed. Mellow and sincere.
The message comes across loud and clear."
Friekman - 

"If Michael Stipe and Andy Partridge bred...this is it. This band
sounds like the bastard offspring of REM and XTC...which is excellent.
Rock-solid rhythm section, great singer, great guitars..."
Anonymous - Seattle, Washington

  "Wow, its a band that sounds very similar . . . to U2,
but unfortunately for U2, these guyz may sport more skill then them!"
Anonymous - Fircrest, Washington


This old photo clearly shows Lee Harvey Oswald on stage and singing the blues with lead guitarist Jack Ruby at Ruby's nightclub sometime before the assassination of President Kennedy. The Warren Commission made no mention of this musical connection between the assassin and the assassin's killer.

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